In your whole life you dress, and behave as yourself. Except now! Let's break out of your own skin and dress like someone else. In our Mystery Dinners it's not you who will participates but a character played by you. Leave yourself at home and dress up in the style of our Mystery Dinner. Do you want to play with self-confidence and enjoy yourself? Then dress up! Here are some tips:

Women's fashion,
Man's fashion,

Women's fashion

The 20s were revolutionary in terms of fashion. The ladies were finally able to wear more comfortable clothes (disappearance of corsets) , their appearance became a little bit masculine. In the 20s the two-piece clothes were changed for the tunic, which was unusually costumized on the hips. All lenghts of dresses were fancied. Round, boat and V neck dresses were all popular. The back of the dresses were often lowcut. In these years the loose-fitting dresses were popular, decorated with sequins, beads, fringes and ruffles. The most popular head-dresses were the headbands and hats that covered the forehead. Ladies really liked to decorate these head-dresses with plumes. The hairstyle was mostly the same for everyone, usually short and curly often in a bun.

Men's fashion

Men's fashion has not changed too much from the 20s till today. Well-tailored, pinstripe suits were popular and tuxedos were preferred for more elegant events. In these years, men were also crazy about the accessories. Buttonholes were decorated with flowers, folded handkerchieves were tucked in the pockets, ties and cufflinks were worn. Pocket watches were also popular ornaments just like hats and gloves. Vests and braces were also typical - of course never together. The most popular hairstyle was side cut and longer on top, which was parted at the side and flattened down.

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