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We started our business in 2013. One of our principles was to make an entertaining program from the price of a cinema ticket (or a dinner in a restuarant). Our first service was the Escape Room - and the outdoor detective games, if you also enjoy logical challenges and investigation experiences, but you do not want to stay between the four walls. We created something new with the "city quiz" services and we developed the crime sightseeing. This service, Town of Mysteries became the first city detective adventure in Hungary. Later we expanded our family with a new member called Mystery Dinner. Our goal is to provide a complex, full-night event: to help you get out of your apartment, to enrich you with a fantastic detective experience, even to find new friends and to try an elegant restaurant. But it was not enough for us...! Based on the feedbacks and wishes from our guests, we created our Hotel Crime program half year after the cryptic dinners started. The Hotel Crime is a new generation live logical game: it combines the brainstorming exercises of our popular escape rooms with the exciting investigation experiences of our crime games. With these elements we can offer a complex game full of twists. The program includes double thrills: to open all locks and to solve a smart and tricky crime story.

Mystery Dinner

Town of Myteries

Room of Myteries

Hotel Crime


Conditions of our discount prices:

  1. Book an event on our website
  2. Book at least 1 working day before the event (can't draw on discount price if booked on event day!)
  3. Everyone in your group needs to Like our Facebook page.
  4. Add the email addresses of your group members when booking - you subscribe to our newsletter

Duration Full price (HUF/person) Discount price (HUF/person) Participants (min. number) Free
Adult Student
Town of Mysteries ~2 hrs 3.250 2.350 1.100 2 persons birthday / attendant /
0-9 years olds
Room of Mysteries 69 minutes 3.290 2.190 1.790 10-20 persons birthday / attendant
120 minutes 3.490 2.690 2.190 2-9 persons
Hotel Crime* 69 minutes 3.290 2.190 1.790 2 persons birthday / attendant /
0-9 years olds
120 minutes 3.490 2.690 2.190
Mystery Dinner ~2 hrs with 3 courses -
13.990 6.980 1 person**
with 4 courses and unlimited drinks
19.990 11.980*** 10 persons
Only the program, with relocation*
3590 2780 10 persons

* You can choose the venue of the program all over the country. Restaurant, office, home, class-room...
Relocation fee: travel expenses + HUF600 × travel hours. Relocation is free in our Mysterious Cities!
** on our open dinners for 1-9 attendees or book a private event in case of 10+ attendees.
*** 50% of the price has to be prepaid at least 3 workdays before the program.

Conditions of the birthday discount:

  • The booked appointment has to be in 8 days before or after the birthday.

Who counts as a student?

  • Who has valid student card.


  • Attendant of class, foundation, organization.
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